Alexis Ward, MA, LMFT, EMDR Trained

Through a delicate balance of self-love and self-honesty, we can begin to discern the persona we have created from the essence of who we are. As the ego, or personality, becomes increasingly easy to identify, we are able to recognize and resist its programming and begin taking ownership of our choices. Trying to control our external reality is exhausting and ultimately impossible, but our inner reality can be entirely of our choosing. True freedom and security is cultivated within and brings an unshakeable sense of peace to even life’s roughest waters.

I am originally from the Bay Area but moved to Colorado in 2013. My partner and I have five children and a very full life here in Castle Rock. I have been a devoted yoga practitioner for more than 20 years. If I am not in the yoga studio, I am usually out in nature, enjoying a hike, or hitting the slopes. My friends generally describe me as fun, loving, and deeply honest. If you are struggling to repair your relationship or are looking to rewrite some of the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back, I would be honored to help guide you through that process. I look forward to connecting with you either in my Castle Rock office or through virtual therapy sessions!


I offer individual, couples and family therapy in my Castle Rock office and virtually. I help my clients find their way back to healthy communication and emotional intimacy through understand the cycle of their conflict and learning to express their needs in a more effective way.

Individual Therapy
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Individual work is a highly focused way to address a range of concerns, from challenging breakups and lifelong anxiety to finding more fulfillment and joy in life.

Couple's Counseling
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Intimate relationships serve as a mirror that helps us observe and understand ourselves better. This requires a mutual desire and commitment from both parties to use this reflection effectively.

Family Therapy
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Healing familial wounds can be a scary yet empowering form of therapy. By recognizing the roles we've played within our family structure, we can show up as a more complete version of ourselves.

my specialties
  • Men's Therapy
  • Spiritual Emergence
  • EMDR
  • Entheogen Integration

We are at a time on the planet where gender roles are changing. Men are being asked to be both sensitive and strong, both nurturer and provider. Navigating intimate relationships and defining one’s identity can be a challenging task in such a rapidly shifting world. I specialize in working with men to realign to their purpose and values so that they have a solid foundation, even in an unstable world.

Waking up to our spiritual nature can be a disorienting and even frightening experience. With heightened awareness comes heightened sensitivity. Developing a method for integrating these new experiences can allow this process to be less overwhelming and more enjoyable.

EMDR is a powerful technique in working with trauma. A series of rapid eye movements is used while working with the traumatic memory in order to allow that memory to be reprocessed in an adaptive way. The eye movement helps the brain to rebalance itself and release the emotional charge held around traumatic incidents.

Working with sacred plant medicines has become an increasingly common element of spiritual growth. However, without adequate spiritual grounding or a context to put such experiences in, these openings can lead to a great deal of fear and confusion. I work with clients to facilitate integration of entheogenic experiences so that they can uncover the wisdom available in these types of deep inner journeys.

Divider Background
  • Alexis is a dedicated and highly knowledgeable and dependable therapist, with compassion and understanding. She has clear communication and provides attainable and rewarding personal goals/growth. I highly recommend her practice to anyone looking for a place to refer peers or seek help themselves.

    Lauren W.via Google
  • Alexis is such a kind and knowledgeable soul. Talking with her always helps me sort through tough emotions, and she offers significant insight and perspective. Her spirit and energy are so warm and welcoming, and she somehow manages to put me at ease even when working through really difficult emotions. I cannot recommend her enough!

    Katie L.via Google
  • Alexis is THE game-changer you need in your life. She's here for it all - which is spectacular & terrifying at the same time. She not only gives you support & makes you feel heard, she also gives it to you straight challenging you to re-define or find a new perspective. I would 100% recommend Alexis.

    Nicole M.via Google
  • I give my highest recommendation to Alexis as a personal coach. I find her incredibly warm, genuine, highly intelligent, and perceptive. Most importantly though, her coaching gave me results. We worked on me being more expressive of my true feelings, which has had a huge impact on my personal relationships.

    A.Jvia Yelp
  • Alexis is a true gem! She was the first therapist I had ever talked with that actually made a positive impact in my life. I cherished my time with her every week. I was so lucky to find her through my difficult journey. Make the call and the appointment, sometimes we need a gracious and kind hand. Sometimes, we need Alexis.

    Peter L.via Google
  • Alexis is the first therapist I've ever seen. I feel as if she really listens and truly hears my main issues. Even if I don't verbalize it perfectly, she is able to help me break it down further. Her guidance is very logical and easy to apply to daily life. She has helped me with various relationship issues with family, friends and my boyfriend. I feel very grateful having found Alexis.

    J. N.via Google
  • Alexis has been amazing and I truly consider myself so lucky to have found her. I've tried therapy before and immediately quit because they didn't want to deal with the problem I had at hand until they dug up into my personal history and most therapists that I've researched seemed so stuffy, bland and boring. Alexis is the complete opposite. She is warm, hip and someone that I connected to right away and she addressed the problem that I had right away and has helped me grow and realize things about myself and my situation in ways that have been truly eye-opening.

    Ben A.via Google
  • My life has turned around completely after finding Alexis. She is wise beyond her years, as well as patient, kind and very professional. Her office is warm and inviting. It is situated right in Los Gotos and easy to find. I am truly grateful for her time and will continue seeing her.

    Lima P.via Google
  • I tried a couple of therapists in the area and couldn't find the right fit. I was just about to give up when I met with Alexis. We clicked on a few key issues right away, and she was able to help me gain valuable insights about myself.

    Elle W.via Google
  • Alexis comes highly recommended her. I've been a long-time client of hers and have gained amazing insight through our sessions. Extremely intelligent, very perceptive.

    Susan T.via Google
  • Alexis has played an integral role in helping me discover my true self throughout the years and I can't thank her enough. She is genuine, open, no-nonsense, and comes from a place of honesty. She won't sit and spew psychobabble nor will she coddle you or tell you what she thinks you want to hear.

    Kelly W.via Yelp
  • Alexis has great insight and honesty that has helped me in my everyday life. I was able to open up to her without feeling judged or forced. I was nervous going in, not knowing what to expect, but almost immediately at ease once we started talking. I fully recommend her services.

    Richard B.via Yelp
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