Posted by Alexis Ward on March 13 in Blogs Blog Post Image

Looking at FEAR

Fear is an essential part of your navigation system. It is showing you where the juiciest self-empowerment lies. Manifest your biggest fears, you will be free from the belief that they are more powerful than you. You will unearth the gifts they contain and transmute the challenge they represented into self-empowerment.

Emotional blockages are an aspect of yourself, a feeling, that you have denied. An emotion that you do not want to allow yourself to feel and be responsible for. In order to keep up this separation from the emotion, we create an explanation of why it is not ours. These stories, or narratives of blame, become our beliefs, identities, thought patterns, etc. The unacknowledged emotion remains lodged within the energetic center of the chakra and it becomes like an energetic beacon. It is your energetic dating profile, broadcasting a signal out to the universe, “Energetic blockage in Heart Chakra. Seeking experiences of abandonment so that I may realign with my empowerment.”

It is only in a state of total self-allowance, meaning complete allowance of our emotional experience, that we can return to empowerment. Every moment that you spend in blame is a moment you spend outside yourself, reliving the story of your disempowerment. It is a moment you spend staying locked in a repetitive pattern of thinking designed to avoid owning, allowing, and loving the way you feel. The moment you step into a willingness to feel exactly what is, even if the starting point is “I am in complete unwillingness to feel my feelings”, if you can be with that from a place of non-avoidance, a place of acceptance, and of curiosity, you’ve peeled the first layer off of your cocoon.

There are no negative emotions and positive emotions. Emotion is energy. As is true with all energy, it vibrates at varying speeds. What we regard as “negative” emotion is energy that is vibrating at a slower, more dense rate. This is what creates a blockage within the chakric system. When it is denied and lodged within the chakras, denser frequency literally blocks the experience of lighter frequencies, the frequencies we associate with enlightenment, ascension, etc. The trick here is to recognize that transcending this dualistic perspective is not about moving oneself onto the “positive” side of the board, it is about being willing to be with ALL of it. If you are not afraid of fear, what does fear become? If your heart is not broken in a moment of heartbreak, but instead full of the inexhaustible self-love that is facing yourself, is this really a state to be avoided? Inside every fear is the seed of courage, inside every self-doubt is the seed of self-certainty. Every emotion is an opportunity to align with our deepest humanity and divinity.

We are all in a big rush to raise our frequencies these days. Ultimately, this practice does exactly that, but not by way of spiritual bypassing or some form of mental gymnastics. You raise your frequency by making peace with yourself, taking responsibility for your own experience, creating a loving relationship with the denied parts of your own being, and creating a space for gratitude and absolute certainty in the perfection of your unfolding existence.

When an uncomfortable emotion arises, find stillness, go to a quiet place, and start to get to know the feeling that is arising. Ask it what it has to teach you. Ask to it feel it at it’s fullest force. Ask it what it needs from you in order to let go and transform. By doing this practice consistently, you will begin to heal the core wound of abandonment that all humankind shares. In many ways, blame is the root all abandonment because every time we blame we assert to the universe that a victim identity is preferable to being with ourselves. We abandon ourselves each time we go outside to seek the source of our experience. We abandon the emotion we are afraid to feel in search of a story that will externalize it, and in so doing, we miss the opportunity to heal and transmute that emotion.

Love yourself the way you have always wanted to be loved. Take care of yourself the way you have always wanted to be taken care of. Be steadfast in your commitment to being with what is. Be unflinching in your courage to embrace what scares you most. And you will be invincible!